Since   2013   same   sex   marriage   has   been   legalised   in   the UK   and   we   recognise   the   importance   of   loving   partners celebrating their marriage. Let   us   create   a   memorable   experience   for   you   and   your partner.    Whether    you    are    planning    a    small    intimate event   or   a   huge   lavish   party   we   can   help.      We   listen   to your   ideas   and   needs   because   you   and   your   event   are unique   .We   provide   a   bespoke   service   perfectly   tailored to    you    and    your    partner.    Working    closely    with    you    at every   stage   we   plan   and   deliver   exactly   how   you   want the   day   to   be   -   sophisticated,   elegant,   glamorous,   stylish, fun or quirky. We   will   help   you   choose   the   venue,   the   food,   the   flowers, the    entertainment    and    all    those    little    things    which sometimes    get    forgotten    in    the    excitement    of    it    all    nothing   is   left   to   chance   and   attention   to   detail   is   our watchword.    Our    careful    planning    will    exceed    all    your expectations. We   will   be   there   on   the   day   to   personally   ensure   you   can relax and enjoy the most precious day of your life
R R Rainbow Romance