Everyone    loves    a    party    and    there    are    lots    of    exciting reasons     to     have     one,     Birthdays,     Anniversaries,     and Christenings   or   Christmas   the   list   is   endless.   We   provide a   comprehensive   and   professional   service   to   ensure   the atmosphere   is   exactly   right   for   your   event.   So   whether it’s   jelly   and   cakes   or   champagne   and   caviar   we   deliver the   perfect   scenario   for   your   event.   Not   forgetting   the entertainment   and   music   of   your   choice   from   Jazz   Bands to hot DJ’s By   handing   over   the   organisation   to   us   you   can   feel   like a   guest   at   a   fabulous   party.   From   the   inception   of   the idea,   sending   out   the   invitations   to   clearing   up   the   party poppers at the end of the night, we can take care of it all.
R R Rainbow Romance